I’m Raquel, twenty something years old and a college student. I’m also terribad at writing bios. I was born in a beautiful Spanish city called Barcelona, but my family moved a lot as as I grew up, and I blame (thank) them for my constant desire to seek new places, discover new lands. I write, I read, I study Japanese (I like to say I like challenges, but the truth is I once had a crush on a Japanese rock star and consequently fell in love with the language. Oops). I now have a thing for exercising, selfies, cute stationery and trying foreign recipes, specially Korean, because I like it spicy. I have eclectic tastes and I think this blog will reflect that a little bit, but besides that I can’t tell you much more of what you’ll find here yet: probably some books, some traveling, some thoughts on this and that, and photos of cute stuff. Feel free to make yourself comfortable!

Selfie taken at Miyajima Island (also known as Itsukushima Island) in Hiroshima, Japan.

Besides social media, you can also email me at raquelinmars@gmail.com


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